Anthony Salamone

A leading Scottish political scientist, analyst and thinker. He is Managing Director of European Merchants, the political analysis firm in Edinburgh.

Political Scientist, Analyst & Thinker

Politics is a tumultuous and fascinating enterprise. Through my work, I endeavour to bring clarity and insight to major political questions facing Scotland and Europe. I want to see substantive and vibrant public debate in Scotland and beyond.

Anthony Salamone FRSA

Political Scientist

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5 March 2023
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5 March 2023
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20 February 2023

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Proposals to the First Minister on Scotland’s European and International Relations

Anthony Salamone

European Merchants.

European Merchants is the Scottish political analysis firm based in Edinburgh and led by Anthony Salamone.

As Purveyors of Political Insight, European Merchants brings clarity and insight to Scottish, European and global politics.

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