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The National
Boris Johnson slammed for ignoring Scots on Brexit
25 May 2020

The National
New pro-Yes group to ‘build up groundwork for entry into the EU’
4 May 2020

Sunday National
Holyrood 2021: How the Covid-19 crisis could affect the election
26 April 2020

The National
SNP heavyweights and EU experts react to Michael Russell announcement
2 March 2020

The Times
Sturgeon dismisses MPs’ plan to force second referendum
23 February 2020

The New European
Independent Scotland could rejoin the EU within five years
18 February 2020

The Herald
Independent Scotland would join EU in four to five years, new report says
18 February 2020

The National
Report reveals an independent Scotland’s route back into the EU
18 February 2020

The National
‘Scotland should fully embrace the EU and adopt the euro’
23 January 2020

The National
Call to fly European Union flag on government buildings rejected
8 January 2020

Sunday National
2020 indy vote is ‘winnable’, senior SNP MP Pete Wishart says
5 January 2020

Le Figaro
Pour l’Écosse, un autre référendum sur l’indépendance en ligne de mire
9 December 2019

Brexit na mrtvém bodě. Johnson svede krach na Merkelovou a EU, míní experti
10 October 2019

Johnsonovo pozastavení parlamentu je nezákonné, královnu uvedl v omyl, rozhodl soud
24 September 2019

The Scotsman
Holyrood told to seek its own foreign policy over Europe
11 August 2019

Evening Express
Aberdeen academic: It’s vital to vote in EU elections
21 May 2019

Sunday Post
Brexhausted and brexasperated: We ask people across the country for their opinion on the chaos surrounding EU departure
24 March 2019

El Confidencial
El resurgir del europeísmo en Escocia, un atajo para la independencia
19 January 2019

Pravda (Slovakia)
Bude brexit bez dohody?
31 August 2018

The Oban Times
Public turn out to hear Brexit debate
24 May 2018

The Scotsman
Brexit impact on devolution could ‘undermine’ faith in government
16 April 2018

The Times
Brexit ‘will cause lasting damage to devolution’
16 April 2018

La Presse
Brexit: À un an du divorce
29 March 2018

Dagens Næringsliv
Britisk politikk i en fryktelig krise
26 February 2018

El Món
Anthony Salamone: ‘És molt difícil que el Regne Unit no permeti un segon referèndum a Escòcia’
25 July 2017

Brittiska universitet hoppas på ett ja till EU
26 May 2016