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Edinburgh University European Union Society

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The EU’s Post-Brexit Foreign Policy: A Europe Day Discussion


Wednesday 9 May 2018


Teviot Lecture Theatre | Old Medical Building
The University of Edinburgh


Dr Alasdair Allan MSP
Minister for International Development and Europe

Remei Calabuig
International Journalist

Dr John MacDonald
Editor · Cable Magazine

Dr Sanja Badanjak
Postdoctoral Research Fellow · University of Edinburgh

Anthony Salamone | Chair
European Union Society President Emeritus


Opening Remarks from Dr Alasdair Allan MSP
Minister for International Development and Europe

The European Union faces numerous external challenges, ranging from migration in the Mediterranean and climate change, to security in its many forms (including cyber, terrorism and energy) and relations with the US and Russia. At the same time, geopolitical shifts in favour of China and others raise questions of the EU’s ability to effectively export its values and to shape the international system. Despite having a Common Foreign and Security Policy, foreign policy has often been one of the EU’s weaknesses, as different national interests make it difficult to set a united course. Brexit will also change the dynamic, as the UK (along with France) has been one of the EU’s major foreign policy actors. Going forward, how can and should the EU address its major foreign policy challenges? What is the outlook for the EU in the world? And what do the EU’s actions externally say about its politics at home? This Europe Day, join us as we consider the prospects for EU foreign policy in a changing world.

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