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Edinburgh University European Union Society

Event Title

Brexit Countdown: The Deal, the Politics and the Future


Tuesday 4 December 2018


Playfair Library Hall | Old College
The University of Edinburgh


Anthony Salamone
President Emeritus · European Union Society

Georgie Harris
Vice President Community · Edinburgh University Students’ Association

Mure Dickie
Scotland Correspondent · Financial Times

Dr Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol
Senior Lecturer in International Business and Enterprise · University of Glasgow

Robert Jacek Włodarski | Chair
President · European Union Society


The Brexit countdown has begun. The UK and the EU have provisionally concluded the withdrawal agreement, providing for the UK’s departure from the Union, and the political declaration, setting out objectives for the future relationship. While the deal must pass both the European Parliament and the UK Parliament, its ultimate fate in the House of Commons in particular remains very much in doubt. If the Commons rejects the Brexit deal, it is possible that a general election or a further EU referendum might be an eventual outcome. Moreover, the EU27 would have to decide how to respond, including whether they would unanimously vote to extend the Article 50 process. Providing a deal is passed in time, attention will focus squarely on the future EU-UK relationship, which may take years to negotiate. In Scotland, Brexit brings significant implications for the debates on devolution and independence. During this time of acute unpredictability, join us as we consider the state of Brexit as the countdown to March continues.

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