Tuesday 11 March 2014

Room 3.02 | Clement House
London School of Economics and Political Science

Prof Stefan Collignon
Professor of Political Economy · Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa

Prof Paul de Grauwe
John Paulson Chair in European Political Economy · London School of Economics

Dr Francesco Passarelli
Associate Professor of Economics · University of Teramo

Anthony Salamone | Co-Chair
President of the LSESU European Society

Tina Tindemans | Co-Chair
Secretary of the LSESU European Society

The LSE Students’ Union European Society invites you to our interactive discussion on finding solutions to the Eurocrisis: The Last Event on the Eurocrisis? Finding a Solution. Our panellists will each present their short vision for saving the Eurozone. Following this, we will take as many questions and comments from the audience as we can, our goal being to have an active debate. Towards the end, we will see if the house can come to an agreement on the best proposal – or maybe even a compromise!