Monday 23 March 2015

Room G.05 | Appleton Tower
The University of Edinburgh

Margaux Kersschot
PhD Candidate in Politics · KU Leuven · University of Antwerp

Anthony Salamone | Chair
Europa Research Group Co-Convenor · PhD Candidate in Politics · The University of Edinburgh

The European Union is responsible for trade relations with countries outside the EU, in order to maintain the integrity of the internal market. In particular, the European Commission negotiates free trade agreements, following the instructions laid down by the Council of the EU. Although trade is a European competence, many different actors with connected interests engage with the negotiation process.

How do domestic actors relate to EU trade negotiations? To what extent are sub-national authorities able to keep track of these negotiations? Are companies more likely to engage directly in the trade negotiation process or instead work through associations representing their sector or the wider business community? This presentation will explore the roles of regional governments and companies in European trade policy.