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Edinburgh Europa Research Group

Event Title

Constitutional Crisis of the EU Citizen


Tuesday 11 October 2016


Room 4.18 | David Hume Tower
The University of Edinburgh


Dr Adrienne Yong
Lecturer in Law · University of Hertfordshire

Dr Tobias Lock | Discussant
Senior Lecturer in European Union Law · Edinburgh Europa Institute Co-Director · University of Edinburgh

Anthony Salamone | Chair
Europa Research Group Co-Convenor · PhD Candidate in Politics · University of Edinburgh


Looking at the relationship between EU citizenship rights and EU fundamental rights, asit has developed since the Maastricht Treaty, it becomes clear that, even beforethe Lisbon Treaty, there was an integration of EU fundamental rights intocitizenship case law by the CJEU. The effect was a constitutionalisation of thestatus of EU citizenship through the protection of fundamental rights. However,in the wake of the crises facing the EU today, there has been a shift injudicial interpretation, to the detriment of the citizen. It is argued that theBrexit vote is further evidence of the crises affecting the Court’s behaviour, butalso that the Court choosing to ignore fundamental rights cannot be the way forwardfor the protection of citizens’ rights, especially not with UK withdrawal imminent.

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