Tuesday 22 November 2016

Room LG.09 | David Hume Tower
The University of Edinburgh

Dr Benedita Menezes Queiroz
Guest Lecturer in Law
CIDP – Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law · University of Lisbon

Nina Miller Westoby | Discussant
PhD Candidate in European Union Law · University of Glasgow

Anthony Salamone | Chair
Europa Research Group Co-Convenor · PhD Candidate in Politics · University of Edinburg

Until recently, illegality and EU citizenship were concepts not commonly associated with one another. Nevertheless, it is without doubt possible for EU citizens living in another Member State to have an irregular migration status. The definition of illegality in relation to EU citizens challenges the very bases of EU law. This presentation examines, at the conceptual level, who unlawfully EU citizens are in terms of EU law, what causes this type of illegality and the impact that EU citizenship can have in reconfiguring the concept of illegality.