Wednesday 23 November 2016

Lecture Theatre G.03 | 50 George Square
The University of Edinburgh

Kirsty Hughes
Senior Fellow · Friends of Europe

Mure Dickie
Scotland Correspondent · Financial Times

Anthony Salamone
PhD Candidate in Politics · University of Edinburgh

Martine Bisenius | Chair
European Union Society Committee Member

In the days following the UK’s EU referendum, the Scottish Parliament voted to give a mandate to the Scottish Government to hold discussions with the UK government and with the EU directly on Scotland’s future in Europe. Protecting the benefits of Scotland’s current relationship with the EU and maintaining a close relationship with (or membership of) the Single Market have become cornerstones of the First Minister’s approach.

However, there are numerous challenges to achieving such a solution, coming from within the UK and from the rest of the EU. Can Scotland stay in the Single Market if/while the rest of the UK leaves? What are the political, legal and technical issues that would confront Scotland in trying to secure a differentiated settlement with the EU? Our panel will explore these timely questions facing Scotland.