Thursday 16 February 2017

Debating Hall | Teviot Row House
The University of Edinburgh

Dr Annalisa Savaresi
Lecturer in Environmental Law · University of Stirling

Dr Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann
Lecturer in EU Environmental Law · University of Strathclyde

Daphne Vlastari
Advocacy Officer · Scottish Environment LINK

Martine Bisenius | Introduction
European Union Society Committee Member

Anthony Salamone | Chair
European Union Society President

The future of the natural environment is likely to play a prominent part in the Brexit debate. This is particularly the case for Scotland, as most environment powers are devolved, but much of its environmental regulation is framed around or underpinned by EU law. Important decisions will have to be made on how Scotland’s environment is regulated and protected in the future – and it’s unclear when, how or who by those decisions will be made. This event will explore these challenges and encourage public discussion of them.

This event is part of the Sustain.ED Festival 2017