Tuesday 9 May 2017

Basement Theatre | Adam House
The University of Edinburgh

Prof Michael Keating
Professor of Politics · Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh

Dr Kirsteen Shields
Lecturer in Law · University of Dundee

Dr Kirsty Hughes
Director · Scottish Centre on European Relations

Dr Leandro Mancano
Lecturer in European Union Law · University of Edinburgh

Anthony Salamone | Chair
University of Edinburgh

Introduction from Alan Mackay
Head of Edinburgh Global and Deputy Vice Principal International · University of Edinburgh

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union marks an unprecedented reversal in European integration since the start of the post-war period, bringing with it countless layers of questions and uncertainty. With the exit process now formally under way, a limited amount of time remains to find agreement on matters ranging from future trading arrangements to the rights of citizens living in the UK and in the EU. At the same time, the EU faces other important challenges, from migration in the Mediterranean to continued economic inequality, which will simultaneously occupy its attention. It is evident that the UK and the EU will have to find a new form of partnership going forward – the shape of that cooperation, however, is currently far from clear. Brexit will also necessitate a re-evaluation of how powers are distributed within the UK, including Scotland’s constitutional settlement. This Europe Day, join us as we consider these central issues behind charting the course of Brexit.