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Edinburgh University European Union Society

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Setting Your Own Agenda in the World


Wednesday 15 November 2017


Playfair Library Hall | Old College
The University of Edinburgh


Her Excellency Ms Tiina Intelmann
Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to the Court of St James’s

Anthony Salamone | Chair
European Union Society President Emeritus · PhD Candidate in British and European Politics · The University of Edinburgh


Estonia holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union from July to December 2017. It has been the custom for several years that the head of the respective country’s mission in London make a visit to Scotland during the course of the presidency. As part of this visit, Ambassador Tiina Intelmann will give a lecture exploring what Estonia has called its Digital EU Presidency, building on the country’s reputation as a pioneering e-State. Ms Intelmann will also address topics including cybersecurity and government accountability, where Estonia has been at the forefront. Drawing on a wealth of diplomatic expertise, the Ambassador will reflect on how Estonia engages on the international stage.

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