Friday 26 January 2018

Escola de Economia e Gestão
Universidade do Minho · Braga

Anthony Salamone
Research Fellow and Strategic Advisor · Scottish Centre on European Relations
PhD Candidate in British and European Politics · University of Edinburgh

Dr Isabel Estrada Carvalhais | Chair
Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations · University of Minho

Brexit in all its aspects remains the dominant feature of British politics, now and for the foreseeable future. In Scotland, the dynamics are made more complex by competing debates on devolution (the distribution of powers and responsibilities between the central UK and its component parts) and independence (including the timing of a second referendum and the changes in circumstance since 2014). Connecting both issues is the ongoing question of Scotland’s relationship with the EU going forward – as part of the UK, or as an independent state. This presentation will consider the state of affairs of Brexit in Scotland and the UK and explore these interlinked issues of devolution, differentiation and independence.