Friday 22 June 2018

European Parliament Liaison Office in Edinburgh

Per Johansson
Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Edinburgh

Anthony Salamone
Research Fellow and Strategic Advisor · Scottish Centre on European Relations

Alyn Smith MEP (SNP)
Member of the European Parliament for Scotland

Want to work with the European Parliament and MEPs to help your S4-5 pupils understand Europe? Want to win a place at Euroscola (Strasbourg) for the whole class or lunchtime/after school club? The project aims to provide teachers with the resources necessary to help implement European themed lessons in order to support the development of confident learners and outward looking engaged citizens. Upon completion of the project, classes will be in with a chance of winning a place at Euroscola in Strasbourg (February/March 2019) for your pupils.

The event is co-organised with the Scottish European Educational Trust